Social Engineering!

Ok, I’m happy to announce that we have some DLC for the game: An expansion pack called social engineering:

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It’s on sale direct and on steam in Mac,Pc,Linux (direct linux & mac happening imminently).

The expansion has 26 new policies and 8 new dilemmas. The idea is to allow you to change the makeup of society gradually over time, rather than by brute force. I hope you like it! Feel free to post your opinions and thoughts on the expansion here, and ask any questions you may have about it.


Bought it, downloading it, testing it!

Edit: well… Crash at the end of the turn. I guess I’ll clean my mods and try again.

Bought Democracy 3 and the Social Engineering pack.

Its on sale this weekend on Steam (at least the base game is).

Is there a way to order direct from you at the steam sale price? If so, I’ll buy both right away.

yes you can do that here:

It is very nice but there are some policies which could be a bit improved. The diplomatic service feels a bit underpowered in terms of benefits and costs. The compulsory classes don’t affect parents or youth satisfaction. The social justice fundation affects liberalism but has no effect on the socialism/capitalism cleavage. This last one felt pretty weird.

Not a single policy affects the religious voters. It’s a bit disapointing as it remains a major faction that doesn’t have a lot of options.
On the other hand, it provides a lot of policies in favor of the capitalists. Much needed when you lead a european country and decide to go for a capitalist or third way route.

To conclude, I’d say it could be better but I certainly don’t regret buying it.

I think the Religious group is pretty much deadweight, a sizable group with not much policies affecting it. I’d say merge them with conservatives.

Would probably work for the modern US etc, but think back to the Social Gospel types that were so prominent under FDR or Woodrow Wilson - they were very much left wing religious types. Also, lots of C of E types in the UK are left-wing.

Very true but the conservative group in this game refers to social conservativism and where the religious group does take a position in this game it’s a socially conservative one.

In the UK at least there are definitely religious liberals, which is why these two groups are separated out. You can also quite definitely be a conservative atheist.

I know these things very well (I of all people ought to) but in Democracy 3 religious and conservative is essentially the same thing.

Initial thoughts after my first couple of games.

  • Lots of clever, sensible policies, like the general feel of them.
  • Not enough downsides apart from arguably being slow. Vast majority of them are cheap in both cash and capital, are not unpopular with anyone, and have no negative effects. I think it would be reasonable to make them even slower acting.
  • Needle exchange has no effect on drug addiction? Similarly, social justice foundation is surely more of a socialist concern than liberal? Power lines dilemma needs an effect on energy efficiency.
  • Pop star dilemma is hilarious; boost the random chance.

Well I think the point is that they’re subtle and have long-term effects on how the society ends up looking.

Why would it? It doesn’t do anything about being addicted to, say, heroin - it just makes it safer to BE addicted, by reducing the chance of contracting a nasty disease.

Could it be, that at the moment this DLC is only available in english?
I use the german version and recognized that the new policies are on english.

PS: Please more DLC’s

Needle exchanges reduce the rate of drug use because they’re not just vending machines, they’re spaces with social workers and other users. Having a social network of people supporting you, plus the chance to engage with someone who can lead you to rehab services, reduces the chance of your staying addicted.

It’s not a big effect, but it is there.

I agree there need to be things for the religious group. If all you can do is piss them off, it’s pointless having them in the game.

You can certainly please them though. I always manage to get them to love me (well I get nearly everybody to do that but them sooner than most others) and with far more policies affecting liberal support they’re the hard ones to please if anything though that makes sense since they’re classical liberals and you’re the government.

Could it be, that at the moment this DLC is only available in english?
I use the german version and recognized that the new policies are on english.

PS: Please more DLC’s

I am a novice. Just installed democracy 3 and social engineering. Where is the tax income on legalizing drugs and legalizing prostitution? Isn’t that the whole idea?
Then use the income tax for social programs! Long live libertarian capitalism with a social consciousness.

Or you could just give people some money so they wouldn’t feel so bad and then they’d spend the money on stuff that won’t get you killed like cosmetics or DVDs.

Since I bought the social engineering expansion, whenever I click the next turn button, the game crashes, so the last dozen games I have played have been one turn long. Is this just me? Have other people been having problems?