Social Events

Is there any way that you can change the amount of people that are allowed to come on social events instead of seeing like 6 greyed out face avatars and letting you bring 1 person?


You’ll find that greyed out faces are “optional” invitees and black faces are “required”. So hosting a dinner party or playing cards “requires” 3 people, but can have up to 8. Tennis “requires” 1 person, but can have up to 3.

Also you can change these required and minimum/maximum invitees of any event by editing the “Kudos 2\data\simulation\social_events.csv” file. Open the CSV in notepad and look for the last “#” in the required row, and look for the 2 numbers before it. These are the MinAttendees and MaxAttendees, the fields you need to edit. “-1” means unlimited invitees (or 8, which is the hard limit for any event).

Always ensure you BACKUP your files before editing them, just in case you mess it up :slight_smile:

Wayno, with a whiteout face

You have learned well, Grasshopper… :^)

I think destroying the fabric of the universe and messing up Kudos’s game files are crimes against humanity, but I’m afraid I don’t QUITE have the room to backup the universe.

Wayno, might need to buy another TB or 2 for that

Try using 7-zip. It compresses quite a bit better than Winzip and it’s free!