Software Used?

Hi there grats on Gratuitous Space Battles as its a very cool game but I wonder what software was used in its creation? for example was Visual C++ used? I know it uses Direct3D 9(?) and FmodEx.

The game was developed using Visual C++ 2005, with the visual assist plugin from whole tomato.
The gameplay and graphics engine is entirely written for this game in C++ by one person (me!) using Directx9.
It was developed on a dual core vista PC with 2 gigs of RAM and 2 big ass iiyama monitors.
Source control was done using the free single-user license of perforce.
The videos were recorded with the full version of fraps, and assembled using Sony Vegas
The artwork was done by a variety of artists using photoshop and Lightwave, and something called ‘painter’ as I recall.
No idea what the composer of the music used, but something expensive by the sounds of it :D.
The installer is the excellent freeware installer called inno settup.

Interesting reading to the aspiring developers among us :slight_smile:

Oh, you even got original music made? I’d assumed you’d grabbed some obscure classical pieces :smiley:

No, it’s all original, written specifically for the game to evoke memories of the sorts of movies and TV shows that inspired the idea :smiley: