Solo Activities I created

So far I have made 1 new Solo activity, put a puzzle together. It increases your IQ and confidence and reduces boredom and stress. Add the following to your solo_activities csv file (take out the line breaks):

#,puzzle,Put puzzle together,“Put a puzzle together and increase your IQ!”,Puzzle Fanatic





I’ll add more as I come up with them…enjoy!

I created another solo activity - Study Positive Affirmations. It raises confidence, happiness, optimism, sobriety, relaxation and energy. Just copy the following into your solo_activities csv file (take out all of the line breaks):

#,affirmations,Study Positive Affimations,"Positive affirmations can help develop a powerful and

positive attitude to life.",New Age Fanatic,0,“Call(enddaygui);Call(dirtyhome);Call(homewithpets)”




LOL…this is fun :o)

I created a new item for the store - Stationery for writing letters, increases kudos, charisma, honesty and relaxation. The only problem is that I am using the pic from the game that is the broadsheet newspaper. If someone can come up with an appropriate stationery picture in the correct format, please reply here and I’ll post the scripts for you. Thanks :o)