Solution for the "Broadside" order mechanic?

As an avid player of EVE Online and Kerbal Space Program, i know quite a bit about orbiting.
In orbits where newtonian physics don’t quite apply like EVE, one side of your ship is consistently facing the enemy, because in order to remain in orbit you must continually burn prograde.
An “Orbit” order would function very well to give ships a chance to broadside enemies. To make it work well, the order should have a couple of settings, namely Distance from enemy in meters, Speed of orbit, etc. Setting speed of orbit to 0 would make the ship align prograde at the desired distance, but not move once it gets there. Stationary broadside.
Retreat would override Orbit and “formation” and “keep moving” orders would probably be incompatible.
Plus, on the coding side it seems a lot easier to pull off than trying to align the side of a ship with an enemy automatically.
#EDIT# For those who don’t know, “prograde” is the direction you’re traveling in an orbit. “burning or thrusting prograde” is just going faster in the direction of your orbit.

Hmmmm. Orbiting is an interesting idea. with small fast craft orbiting an enemy dreadnought does make sense, but then if you orbit a smaller, equally fast ship, that might be a bit messy in terms of working out where you should be heading…interesting.

To me that automatically sounds as a quite nice dogfight, identical ships would start a struggle to face its (presumably most offensive) side eachother, since each ship would try to keep the orbit, it might look like they are both evading enemy optimal angle, and trying to get that optimal angle.

Yes, in very very few cases i can imagine two ships running at full speed at the edge of the map until they reach it and the dance restarts, but i really think this is a good idea to try!