Solution to campaign issues - Cruiser Adaptive Armor!

I was thinking about how the campaign suffers from fighter and frigate spam problems, and this module seemed like the ideal solution:

unlockcost = 5000
lockable = 1
classname = “SIM_ArmourModule”
category = “DEFENSES”
size = “CRUISER”
name = “cruiser_armour a”
guiname = “Cruiser Adaptive Armour”
description = “Why bother covering every inch, when you can just shift the armor around to where it’s needed? The process can get a bit management-intensive though.”
weight = 150
hitpoints = 0
maxdamageabsorbable = 210
cost = 300
icon =
crew_required = 70
powerconsumed = 10
slot_type = STANDARD
stack_effectiveness = 0.85
uisortpos = 2061

0 = cost,DECIMAL
1 = weight,DECIMAL
2 = hitpoints,DECIMAL
3 = maxdamageabsorbable,DECIMAL
4 = powerconsumed,DECIMAL
5 = crew_required,INTEGER

Why? The idea is that this module allows cruisers to fend off mass fighters and frigates while still having enough resources left to battle long-ranged fleets. The stacking penalty and resource requirements mean it can’t be used for universal armor tanks - and as an added benefit, the crew requirements could return available crew to being an actual limiting factor, rather than a number that you see skyrocket.

Thoughts? Is the stacking penalty too harsh? Is the cost right? Is this perhaps too effective at shutting down frigate strategies?

Some early thoughts on this suggestion:

I like the way that you tied it to power - and especially crew - in order to help prevent abuse. This armor variant deserves to be tried out under live-fire conditions. :slight_smile:

As for stacking, making things easier than 0.90 may keep the penalty too weak to prevent tanking. I might be tempted to make the “damage absorbable” even higher, as long as the stacking penalty remains at least as steep as it is right now.

Strongly supports this because it also make other race stronger relative to Tribe.

I say drop the stack penalty even further to 0.7 while raise defense to 250.

Like you said, this is for anti fighter, not armor tanking. as long as a ship can be around 16-20 defense with just 1, then further stacking should be strongly discouraged. Let the armor tanks stick to using ultraheavy.