[Solved][Bug 1.16] Unknown Building Zone Type

Under version 1.13 I tried to edit the factory size & layout. The game crashed and would not allow me to restart. I have recently tried to reinstall the game again at Version 1.16 but I get the same message.
I have uninstalled the game, rebooted the PC and re-installed the game (twice). I have made sure the c:\Programs(x86)\Production line folder has been deleted before re-installing.

The error message given every time reads:

Unknown Building Zone Type:…\src\SIM_Mission.cpp 284

I do not see any error logs to check or files remaining from the previous installations after removal of the program. Where is the game getting its information from? How do I get back in to enjoy this game again?

Help - please

You have to delete folder C:\Users*\Documents\My Games\productionline

Then try again and see if it works.


Thank you.