[SOLVED] Bug - Game crashes on Linux (WINE)

I’m no longer experiencing this problem after changing to the Steam version, which uses Proton rather than Wine.

Hi, I’m experiencing my first fatal bug after playing a couple dozen hours over the past couple months.

It’s important to note that I’m running this game through WINE on Linux, and the error appears to have been produced by WINE rather than the game itself. As a result, I don’t expect the devs to look into this but I’d thought I’d make the post anyway to see if any fellow Linux users have had this issue and may have found a solution?

I didn’t have this problem when I first downloaded the game, version 105. Since then I have used 1116 and 1125a, both of which have had this issue. The crash seems to occur after about 30 mins of gameplay, whether using fullscreen or windowed, new game or save game. Not sure if relevant ::

I’ve had this bug 3 times now, and it occurs seemingly randomly. The game screen freezes and a separate window pops up, which gave me the option to save the attached file. backtrace.txt (4.8 KB)

Will post updates here if I make any breakthroughs. Cheers.

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