[Solved] game crash

game now has an issue when cars move from visual inspect and performance check and game crashes on exit.

issue with cars moving from Vis Ins to Perf Test was caused by me placing a quality control instead of a vis Inspect. perhaps the graphics for these two slots should be made different. Game still crashes when i exit the game.

Hi, can you give me more information as I’m currently unaware of this crash. Do you maybe have a save game where this reliably happens?
(You will find save games in \my documents\my games\production line\savegames)
If so could you email it to cliff AT positech dot co dot uk with a link to this thread?

The game file is no longer crashing so maybe it had something to do with having a quality check instead of a visual inspection.

Thats good news, also I think I know what the exit crash was and it should be fixed with the next update.