(solved) Transfer DLC's

So I bought Democracy 3 while in Early-Access directly from Positech, registered it with Steam and now bought the Extremism DLC through Steam.
Since i’m modding with the non-Steamversion of the game i would like to transfer the DLC so i can see if my mod works with the DLC.
Is there any way to transfer the DLC to my non-Steamversion of Democracy3?

There is no “mod-/DLC-folder”, all i could find is
and some pictures, probably these seen in the lower right edge of the main menu

It probably won’t work if i just moved it to the non-Steamversion

just copied it over to a clean non-Steamversion (1.14), in the lower right corner of the main menu it says extremism (installed),
it appears in the mods menu and also in-game which would solve my question.
here’s a new one:
is there any possibility to get access to the DLCs csv files? i find modding quite hard without having the csv’s, it sure is a nice quiz but to some extend counterproductive

solved this, just had to unpack it