Solving the flat tax/income tax issue

That’s way more fine-grained than this game generally goes for.
I happen to agree that more detail would be a good idea. But it seems clear that this won’t happen in the base game. - Instead, it ought to be possible to have this covered via mods.

As far as the base-game goes, I think having a tax percentage (which is roughly what you ask to tax the middle class) and a progressiveness slider (which may include, at extreme progressiveness, a negative tax for poor people, and at extreme regressiveness, basically no tax on rich people) seems to me to be the right balance of complexity given what the game generally is going for.


Thats an interesting middle ground… could actually be engineered (although it would be super complex) to have that progressiveness apply across the spectrum of all taxation. After all, you can have a progressive property tax, even a progressive car tax, if you choose to.
Maybe something to set time aside for to allow for proper experimentation later in development…


I do think an Income Tax Policy with all three parameters would be amazing, and in my opinion definitely not too complex for player. However, I also completely understand that the coding could be too much.

If you are going for that, that’s even cooler, but really I’m thinking of just the income tax.

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Coding-wise, having three different settings is probably easier if anything. Instead of Everyone, the three different brackets would simply affect just either Poor or Middle-Income or Rich people (pre-taxation). Progressiveness needs some sort of modifying curve to go along with this stuff.

Well put. Great idea. Just have it as Poor, Middle and Rich. Three sliders for how much the tax is for each group.