some assets.csv format questions

I’m poking around with creating some new assets, and have some questions … particularly about books…

  1. What’s the purpose of the assets.csv ‘token’ field which follows the ‘use’ field? it only seems to be used for books, but its purpose isn’t self-evident.

  2. What effect does the ‘showdetails’ keyword in the ‘effects’ column have on books? How is the ‘sudoku’ keyword different… and are there other keywords that can be used there?

  3. Finally, is there any particular rhyme or reason to the number of # columns between the ‘showdetails’ keyword and the start of the columns containing a book’s effects, and between effects columns? The purpose isn’t clear from just looking at the file.

Awesome game!

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Okay… this one should have been obvious. Number of pages. It hit me suddenly a little while ago. :slight_smile:

Still wondering about the other two, though.