Some bugs and thoughts

Just want to say I am having a blast playing D4 and have been playing for hours every day for the past few days :smiley: I had previously made a thread with some ideas and bugs I’d seen here: First thoughts from the alpha but I am going to add some more bugs and ideas I’ve noticed to the list here:

  • On the first turn I can’t press the menu button in the top right (the one directly to the left of the next turn button)
  • When re-shuffling cabinet ministers only the last minister to be appointed then shows up in the screen with icons, the other departments don’t have the minister’s icon.
  • When looking at the healthcare demand tab, hovering over the name of the “Deadly Virus Outbreak” brings the popup that says “deadlyvirusoutbreak” rather than “Deadly Virus Outbreak” to fit the style of other causes.
  • Reforestation should directly positively affect the environment rather than just decreasing CO2 emissions and respiratory disease.
  • Respiratory disease should contribute towards healthcare demand
  • We should have an option of moving one cabinet minister to another position rather than having to fire then re-hire them.
  • The cabinet report thing on the quarterly report is missing a space in “as ‘loyal’.Their effectiveness”
  • The Security Briefing thing on the quarterly report is missing an “s” at the end of “encourage”
  • Prison policy mentions “Crime” twice in its effects and effects it once positively and once negatively
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