Some bugs for v1.19

Today I’ve been playing Spain in the new version, 1.19. I’ve detected some bugs:

  1. Executive Term Length in Spain should be 4 years, not 5.

  2. In the following image we can see two issues:

  • Income values are wrong when you put the mouse icon over the dots (€486.66 Bn insted of €121.66 Bn, it seems multiplied by four).
  • GDP, which apparently always had a tendency to fall, got stuck on 0.
  1. Poor, Middle Income and Wealthy memberships follow this triangular graph:

  2. Limit or Ban Cars in Cities estimated effects don’t contain the positive effect on The Environment:

  3. There are some wrong values on the bubbles. For example, in the following image Inflation, GDP, Business Confidence and Stability are erroneously valued as 0.

  4. In Ban Sunday Shopping policy, the four effects are constant, independent of the policy value. Religious, for example:

One more thing. In the Income and Expenditure charts, if I click on the elements of the list everything goes well but if I click on the sections of the graph, the window of the policy appears and is the active window but nevertheless the window of the charts remains on the top.

There are some policies, and this is one of them, where the values are fixed (or maybe just some of them are), regardless of the slider, so thats actually intended.

Looks like that GDP value is showing the annual, not per-turn value. I’ll change that.

I’ll look into the other stuff.

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Ok, I have fixed all of these except the issue where you see the Global GDP at zero for a long period. Do you have a save game that shows this? I cannot reproduce it :frowning:

Actually, the very first time I run again my game, Global GDP started to raise. But I’ve just played three more terms right now, maybe four, and Global GDP never reached the middle of the scale (and always diminished my GDP), and it even stayed on 0 for some periods of five or even ten turns.
Here you have the game from which I played, called Espana 2, and the autosave with the extra terms I played.

Here they point out the same problem with Global GDP.

Thanks, fixed it for next update.

Great! Thank you, @cliffski! :+1:t2: