Some bugs & suggestions

-> Although the political manifesto’s policies are met, people will be angry for “not meeting any of your promises” when you are up for a second re-election. I suspect it has to do with the new manifesto that comes out for the following term.
-> After your third term begins, if your party’s membership drops to 0, it never rises again, even though most voter groups agree with you and plenty of policies encourage at least 1-2 groups to join your party. In addition, the fact that the polls show 90-97% public approval and the opposing party only has 1-2 % membership, your own party’s membership still remains at absolute 0
-> Even though there’s plenty of car usage, a car tax provides no income and gives out no cost, regardless of where the bar is set after some time
-> If you implement all policies for the USA, every voter group has an approval rating of 67%, regardless of how much each policy is implemented. This has happened to me at least 3 times for 3 different countries (USA, Zambosia & Mexilando)
-> Putting a term length of more than 9 years crashes the game on loading. Also putting more than 4 consecutive terms has the same effect.
-> Legalizing prostitution slider is bugged. If you put it at NONE, then the income generated is maximal, i.e. the effects are reversed.

-> I have not seen any change of voter group demographics. Population should shift to different voter groups depending on how well you handle your policies and how easily you convince people that you are doing the right things. If I implement conservatist policies that actually have a benefit for the country (i.e. they affect GDP better, foreign relations are improved etc) then the conservatist group could draw some people from the rest of the ideological groups.
-> Introduce a better foreign policy simulation: The other 9 countries that can be selected should be taken up by bots who handle things in specific ways. If I rule the country in a way they like or they dislike, this should be shown in the foreign relations tab. There should also be several UN dilemas other than just appointing an ambassador. For example, sent military help to a friendly country that has a coup going on, etc.
-> Introduce more voter groups & better manage existing ones: Smokers/Drinkers could be made into a single group and then have other groups such as Small Business Groups, Nationalists (as well as Patriots), Fascists, Communists etc, Entertainment & Journalists, Disabled, Human Rights Proponents, Anarchists etc. This could provide more variety in the game.
-> Introduce multiple more policies. For example more tax plans as well as more tax subsidiaries, more agricultural policies (e.g. what kind of fertilizers to use, introducing different crops like sugar canes), more industrial policies (e.g. build nuclear factories), multiple policies to reduce bureacracy etc.
-> Introduce more potential problems, like corruption, overpopulation, famine etc.
-> Introduce more dilemas. After some time they get tiring to see the same old
-> Tax evasion should have more influences. For example: Harder laws, more policing, more auditing etc.
-> Military spending should be split in multiple smaller portions. E.g. Military research funds, Using more advanced vehicles or focusing more on infantry, fleet and airfleet etc etc
-> Allow for more fiddling with game settings. Allow the manipulation of stuff like population, more voter groups, more settings. Allowing us to change voter group demographics while enabling the shifting of people from one group to its opposite would make for some real interesting gameplay. Allow a setting which defines how easily people change groups (that would not make the game easier, i.e. the easier they agree with you they easier they can disagree with you). Make us choose different backgrounds of where we come from as politicians (i.e. I could be sympathetic to the Drinkers and the Motorists as a president, so at the start of the game, those groups would be more in my favour). Introduce stuff like parliament voting, which would inhibit to some degree on how easily we can put out policies or how much political capital we need to achieve them.
-> Bring in more candidate ministers, that change every couple of turns. I’m tired of having to choose from the same 4 people, who all want the same positions (I always get candidates who want the same 3 positions (they change each game) and rarely desiring one of the other 3). Also, introduce more political parties in play (don’t limit the game to the american 2-party system) that could form alliances with my own party and also cause trouble with my policies. If I’m allied with 1 other party, then that party could have the freedom to appoint 2 of my 6 ministers, but it would be easier for me to get reelected. Parties allied to me could push for legislation or changes in policies and rejecting them would make them dislike me and potentially lose their votes. It’d also be interesting to see enemy parties manipulating the press against me or stuff like that.

I don’t know if it’s just my computer, but when saving the game, I am forced to backspace over the “default name” every time. Even typomatic fails (holding down the key).

When I go to save a game, what I’d like to see (after having loaded it or saved it before) is the name used for it last. Then I might change a number at the end and be done.

The F11 key is used to jump to and from full screen in many apps. It would make a handy shortcut.

According to the debug log, click.ogg is missing.

New policies belong in ~\My Documents\democracy2\mods\data\simulation\policy but corresponding icons do not belong in \My Documents\democracy2\mods\data\bitmaps

And, icon names are case sensitive even in windows, which isn’t. Some part of the program is converting policy names to all lower case but not doing the same for filenames being read from the system.

You are using an old version of FMOD 00041601. This program requires 00042600