Some bugs

Private health care doesn’t affect hospital overcrowding


The title of the “_security_” effect of dilemmas isn’t localised.

LED Bulbs dilemma says you would ban LED bulbs, but it clearly means banning non-LED bulbs.

I can only assume that poor earnings not affecting poverty is also a bug, since school vouchers don’t have any effect on poverty whilst state schools do. Same is true of healthcare vouchers.

Thoughts on poverty variable

It seems like you’re double counting with the poverty variable, since Poor Earnings even mentions itself as being a measure of poverty in the description. Like, why doesn’t unemployment benefits increase poor earnings given that poor earnings includes no income folks too? That sort of thing. It makes sense for things that alleviate the effects of poverty without actually increasing poor disposable income (like homeless shelters) would directly affect the poverty variable, but the way it’s implemented at the moment doesn’t make any sense. Might just be me, though.

On that note, School and Healthcare vouchers say they are issued to everyone, so they should probably increase all earnings type (the effect otherwise being that using school vouchers instead of state schooling makes everyone who isn’t poor broke, because they receive the full negative effect of private schools to their income)

Disability benefit increases retiree income, but not the income of other groups, which would also have disabilities. Not sure if this constitutes a bug or just a design decision, so sorry if so. In the same vein, Universal Basic Income increases “everyone”'s income, but it doesn’t actually increase their “Earnings”.

You don’t capitalise “UK” in the UK’s country description.

Compulsory Language Lessons policy description has two commas after “foreign visitors”.

When viewing the income and expenditure charts, my income and expenditure and surplus as displayed in the top left change to something different than my actual income expenditure and surplus.

I think Foreign Relations are supposed to affect international trade (according to it’s description), but they don’t.

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I agree, this annoys me too when State Healthcare is abolished!

Thanks for the feedback, adding things to my todo list…

Just checked and yes, Foreign relations definitely do affect International Trade. If relations are at exactly 50% then the effect is zero, neither negative or positive which might explain why you don’t see it at some points. It also affects Foreign investment, which has a similar effect.

Super weird, could’ve sworn there was no effect at 100% foreign relations. But if it’s like that in your build, nothing to be done

If its still not in yours during the next game, post a screenshot, in case its some weird bug in certain situations.

Will do.