Some comments and suggestions (v1.002)

I’m enjoying GTB beta quite a lot. Here are a few comments:

  • [change] The battlefield view should not be on-top of units (partially hides battlefield)
  • [change] Could visuals be enhanced (e.g. explosion effects) at lower zoom levels? (at high zoom they are great)
  • [addition] I would like to know what structure I placed after it got destroyed (simply tool tip will do)
  • [addition] The music score is great. Could we have a couple more?
  • [balance] I find missile turrets too powerful (for me they inflict almost half all the battlefield damage)
  • [balance] Machine guns almost never are targeted (I place only a couple the entire mission and they survive, and naturally achieve very high scores)
  • [bug] When you delete a design the sort function stops working
  • [bug?] When you quit the game and come back all the “old” designs you have deleted are back
  • [fix] Occasional crashes in different places (sorry, can’t be more specific :|) Game freezes, pops up with error message.

That’s it :slight_smile:

Great game, great experience. Thanks.