Some Constructive Criticism

I like this game. It’s certainly beautiful. There are a few things I think could help improve it though.

[]It would be nice if the descriptions for weapons, items, and ships did a better job of describing what they are best used for. There are laser beams, pulse laser beams, plasma cannons, ion cannons, etc. Aside from staring at the numbers, I still don’t really feel like it’s clear what makes each item different, aside for the graphics. Even looking at the numbers doesn’t really help because the uses seems to change completely depending on the class of ship, even when the item has the same name.[/]
[*]On the same line I feel like the differences in the weapons should be more profound. It just doesn’t feel like the weapons are that different. To me it just feels like no matter what weapon I choose, the only way to make a difference with it is to spam a huge number and hope my enemies eventually die. It would be nice if the advantages and disadvantages of the items were both much more obvious and much larger.

As a few examples:

  • Weapons ranges could be more extreme, some weapons could have very obvious advantages in draining shields, or skipping them entirely.
  • Fighter-bombers with torpedos could do massive damage, in exchange for being sitting ducks (like bombers in world war 2)
  • The plasma cannon in exchange for inaccuracy could fire from half way across the large map
  • The pulse laser could target multiple targets in rapid succession with less damage.
  • The mirv could actually be the only missle that splits apart, as opposed to what seems like all of them.
  • The ion could only damage shields like in other sci-fi.
  • Fighter lasers could be weak enough that they don’t damage cruisers at all, making them useful against fighters and not everything.
  • How about if the carrier could use repair resources to replace lost fighters.
  • You could install jump drives on ships at a large cost that could allow you to jump in to ambush ships.
  • The ship speeds could have a much greater difference, so that a fighter could be 8x faster visually than a frigate, and a frigate could be 8x faster than cruisers, or more.
  • Missles and anti missles could have a more obvious effect against each other, it’s hard to tell what is making missles miss or hit.
  • Tractor beams could be used to push one ship into another.

This is just a taste of what I mean, but you get the idea. I just don’t feel like there is enough of a tactical difference now.[/]
]Please tell me in the race descriptions why one is better than the others. There is no motivation to unlock them, since I don’t know what advantage they have.[/]
]It might be nice to have a little bit more control in the battles, either by making more detailed plans and orders for the battles, or by giving us the ability to modify orders during the battle. It might feel a bit less like a show, and make us feel more admiraly (nice word!)[/]
]How about some obstacles on the map, like planets, or asteroids, or radiation fields that damage ships, or nebula’s, especially if it goes along with better order planning. We could slingshot ships around the planet, or hide them in the nebula, or use the asteroids as cover for fighters to hit and run a frigate formation. Also maybe with that you could have obstacles that can blind sensors, or items to do that, so you can’t always see where ships on the map are, adding to the array of choices.[/]
]I really wish I could see the enemy damage. Might be nice to be able to see the enemies ship layouts, at least after I beat them.[/]
]LOTS more scenarios[/*]

Thanks for listening to my suggestions.

  • Some weapons completely bounce off shields as of now.
  • No comment.
  • No comment.
  • Pulse Lasers kinda do that right now, except a bit slower.
  • Assuming I’m looking at it right, the other missiles you see breaking apart are actually Decoys that some missiles have. It says so in the in-game stats.
  • I dunno about you, but the Ion tends to break shields apart fairly quick, though they do damage armor to some extent.
  • Raise your average armor to about 8 and fighters wont deal any damage.
  • No comment.
  • No comment.
  • No comment, but in reality shouldn’t it be in reverse? Cruisers should outrun Frigates that outrun fighters? Considering you have an engine the size of a very comfortable house and all…
  • No comment.
  • No comment.

TBH, this isn’t so much ‘constructive criticism’ as a big suggestion thread.

The whole thing about weapons looking the same can be cleared up by reading the manual and the stats on each weapon…

Okay maybe it is a suggestion thread. If a game requires I read a pdf manual external to the game, there is a problem.

I find that I agree with a the majority of the suggestions given in the first post. In fact, I’m creating a mod that will (eventually) do many of the things you requested (wider variation in weapons and ship speeds, better weapon and race descriptions, etc). Some things won’t be possible due to the limitations of the game engine, but I think there’s a lot of room for improvements within the current rules.

If you’re interested in helping test my mod, check out it’s thread in the modding forum. It’s still a very early version, so don’t expect things to be balanced just yet. I should have a new release out later today.

Videogames have had manuals since they put buttons on the controllers. There’s no problem with that, because you obviously picked up the game and played it to the point where you felt like deciding what the mechanics of the game should be. If you want a deeper understanding, read the manual or browse the forum…