Some feedback\suggestions from a first time player to the series

I’ve been liking the game, I am still learning lol. here’s some feedback/suggestions

  1. randomized ministers,(ministers are random every game with random beliefs) I feel like it would shake things up

  2. maybe some more events?

  3. have minsters be more aware of your economic situation and not just propose a program in which you cant do

  4. Maybe allow more undemocratic laws to be in place if you wanna go crazy autocrat mode (like barring certain groups from voting like union members, self-employed. ), moving further into autocracy but keeping a form of democracy.

  5. maybe the US states as possible governments to play as? ( would really wanna play as the great state of Maine lol)

  6. maybe have some optional economic managing crutches? for some of us bad economic managers lol

really good game in the making keep it up!


Randomized ministers are available in options, not sure why it wouldn’t be default.


yup, you can select ‘randomized start’. Its helpful for us to not default to that, so we can make changes to the simulation and then reliably see the impact our changes have made. Otherwise, balancing the game is all but impossible.


Oh yeah I just found the option last night cuz I wanted to check what it meant. Thanks for replying! What’s your take on some of my other feedback / suggestions?

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Interested in 3). Ministers should not do this. You mean recommend a policy where you do not have the political capital? they should only be recommending possible policies, but don’t forget they are making them at the start of each turn.

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I mean and like during an economic crisis or we’re in a position where we can’t really expand our budget

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  1. Interesting ideas.

  2. It would make the game very complex and is not the aim of the game, but I see where you are coming from (Cliff’s concern).

  3. What crutches are you thinking of? I thought of opt-in comprehensive tutorials to hold people’s hands.