Some gameplay questions/possible bug

Hi, just some questions from a relatively new user:

  1. I frequently get terrorist attacks, as much as one every 3 turns even though I have a full intelligence service, low imigration, crime etc etc, is there any other way to combat this?

  2. What causes patriot levels to sky rocket, it seems in some of my games patriot levels go from 20% to 100% without me noticing, does a low level of appeasement and terrorist attacks cause this?

  3. I sometimes get the problem (bug?) where my political capital stays at one level in a game and wont go any higher, despite having ministers gaining me the political capital, so I am stuck with levels as low as 21, refusing to go higher, is this a bug?

  4. If I use the National Service policy, does it keep my military at the same level but decrease the cost, if so, by much?

(Perhaps not for this forum but I installed a mod, I think with a pack, that has interest rates, when implemented as a policy my game crashes)

Hello, I’m also quite new but here’s what I think I’ve figured out:

  1. The terrorist attacks are mostly driven by certain groups of voters being pissed off (for me usually Patriots - ‘The True Way’ - and Environmentalists - ‘The Green Brigade’). I find the best way to reduce attacks is to make these groups happier, then give it a few turns and the membership of the pressure group that’s casuing you trouble should drop. I think there are some groups that you can annoy without them trying to kill you! This part of the game seems fairly realistic; I don’t think the Retired, Liberal, Parents, Middle Income and many other groups will cause you problems.

  2. Patriot levels are heavily influenced by events such as Assassination Attempts and Terrorist Attacks. When these happen your patriot happiness levels will plummet. Otherwise they will move steadily up and down accoridng to policies like Military Spending and Immigration.

  3. Political Capital ‘dies’ after three turns, so you will have a an upper limit of three times the Political Capital generated each turn.

  4. I don’t know - sorry!

(I have problems with that mod too - what we need is a TomPhil autoinstaller!)

The main effect of military spending in the context you mention is that it reduces terrorism, whereas national service has no effect on terrorism at all. In retrospect, I think this may be incorrect, as one can assume that conscripted soldiers will be doing a similar job (albeit maybe not as effectively) as a volunteer army.
What do people think? should I change national service to have a similar, but smaller deterrent effect on terrorism?

It really depends what ismeant by national service in the game. If the primary point about it is the obligation to complete training with the aim that people will learn valuable skills and are likely to become more mature, then it may have no real effect on things like terrorism. However, if the aim is actually to hae national service for the defence of the realm, then yes it might. However, one may argue that national service without an increase in money spent on the military would be worthless anyway, as you may have more people, but military service would not increase the quality of the weaponary available to your army. Finally you may argue that it is certain elements of the army (the specific countrer-terrorism elements) that have the main impact on terrorism, and that most people doing national service will not be the sort of people who will engage in these activities (they will want to do their minimum term then get out, rather than seeking career advancement in the forces).

Well you only have to look at Israel who obviously have a very high level of national service and one of their main defenses against terrorism and assassinations is actually the fact that most people have served in the military and are quick to act on smaller events, Ive heard many reports of the quick thinking of reservists stopping terrorist attacks.

Interesting. I guess it is true that real anti-terrorism is probably carried out in most countries by special forces style troops, rather than ordinary citizens doing a few years military duty.