Some general feedback

Great starting point! I hope this will evolve to a wonderful logistic game.

That said, there are some very unfriendly features that are a little aggravating, even if they’re normal for an alpha game I thought I’d spell them out, we paid for the privilege of complaining in the end m’right :wink:

interface: plenty stuff I can’t understand from the interface - like are the safety features being mounted? do I need the brake fixture station to put enhanced brakes on the car? if that’s so why isn’t that a research dependency? manufacturing component always come in research after the relative factory, so does the manufactured components act as the enhancement or can I ship them to the initial general station (i.e. build door internally and link them to the bodywork) - in general all those thing need to have a place on the interface where they’re told, either tutorial, research or the factory station in the menu

general gameplay: research is kinda too fast compared to the money you raise. you get to unlock tons of stuff way before having the money to actually put it down

sub production: the all or nothing approach makes starting up a factory relatively too hard, like even investing in a bodyframe station means nothing because when the car reaches the body station all the frame component get installed again twice, with no timing reduction. and that’s a huge setback especially when beginning the game, the kind that forces one to restart the whole playtrough.

enhancements: how technology get researched by competition is weird: even shortly after the beginning, it’s common to see late research like the led headlights being in common usage among competition. also the basis cars your own factory produces don’t get much penalty from not having those common techs (or if it’s there it’s not shown) and you can pretty much sell garbage (compared to what’s given as common) at 50% markup because of the slow production

miscellanea: loading was broken to me. also dragging the map right after the game start crashes it. not having a dedicated map dragging button is annoying as heck, because right button becomes place in edit and at that point your only recourse is wasd or the super slow and generally inconvenient border scroll. having the most expensive station act as a bottleneck right after the chassis is kinda weird and makes the opening sequence a little too of a waiting game. having the deconstruction not return full cash even if the player was building in a single paused session sucks.

now I know balance is all to be fixed at a much later stage because it makes little sense to chase now a fined tuning, but I think all in all having a more logical progression would benefit discoverability of the game features.

I feel I want to add my agreement to the upgrades path. You have to get to the most detailed level of item production to ake use of most of the new technologies. It would be good if some of the technologies were available and a broader level of functionality.

the fit wheel assembly should have a new technology that makes it worthwhile using this step in the process. otherwise you will just research that to research the next three sub-processes, which is a bit pointless other than to slow down the rate at which you can access the technology. Especially when the AI seems to get these techs in their cars very quickly.
I think there should be a reward for each level of process researched, because often these intermediate processes doesn’t much improve the speed of production.