Some Ideas

First of all let me just say that I’m loving Diplomacy 3 so far - nothing makes me happier than making a country into a full-blown police state :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a few ideas/suggestions that i’d like to state and offer for consideration (if it can be coded of course).
New features:

  • Population increases (that way revenue can increase with each turn, but so can expenses (state health, housing, etc)
  • Land requirements (ie: you want to build more State Housing? Well you’ll need more land to do that…, and this leads into my next point)
  • War/Conflict (invade a country, is it successful? (base it off of military spending vs. modifiers) more land / population, incorporate a militia/rebellion/opposition problem to solve, military spending increases during a war, foreign relations drops.)
  • International intervention into your country (military spending and law and order vs. negative foreign relations vs. ‘fear’, been a bit aggressive with war? then you’ll be hated internationally and have to deal with national defence each ‘turn’)
  • Corruption (increase spending, lower productivity - fixed by the ‘Corruption Watchdog’ Policy)
  • Death Penalty should reduce the requirement for prisons if it is set to max, creates unrest if on max

New Policies:

  • Forcibly remove a type of voter (Say goodbye to liberals, conservatives, etc) - Using re-education, secret police, etc.)
  • Nuclear Weapons Development (Big with the patriots, not a fan with Environmentalists, lowers foreign relations and promotes ‘fear’, etc)
  • Nationalise healthcare (capitalists hate it, patriots like it, lower unemployment, lower productivity, can’t have this with private healthcare)
  • Nationalise industry (same as above)
  • Propaganda (increase voting for you, high cost)
  • Rig elections (very expensive, lowers the opposing parties votes, creates riots and general unrest)
  • Dissolve parliament (expensive, creates unrest, unable to spend political capital for X turns, remove a single minister permanently, as you increase the slider you can effectively remove all of your ministers so you dont have to pander to their individual needs,)
  • Corruption Watchdog (removes corruption, slow removal, high cost)
  • Redistribution of Wealth (capitalists hate it, wealthy hate it, socialists love it, normalises wages across the board, lowers productivity, increases corruption)
  • Counterterrorism Task Force (Reduces risk of assassination, patriots love it, liberals hate it, takes awhile to get it up and running and being effective)

To me nothing says ‘Democracy’ like the removal of it :stuck_out_tongue: