some kind soul?

well, I’ll tell my story to you to understand, I have this game on GOG, in more or less in July 2014, I could steam version for a friend of mine who gave me, oh the computer has problem the first time, I repaired in one month, after a few weeks, my Hard driver has gone bad, and the son of … who fixed not backed up, I lost the steam version (along with civilization 5), some kind soul could give me the version of the steam?

are you saying you lost your steam files from a hard drive crash?

the fix is trivial, redownload the steam program and reinstall; you still own all that stuff

I swapped the HD (an external hard drive was defective)

For driver problem, you can fix it with automatic driver update software ( or just roll back driver to fix it. If you have backed up your drivers, when the running drivers is wrong, you can restore from the backup. The given driver update software gives you free option to backup all drivers.