Some minor tutorial annoyances and other typos

  1. Reset tutorials button should have a yes/no confirmation. Could be an annoyance if accidentally clicked on, since it’ll make you click through all the boxes again.

  2. The hover unit info panels are covered by the tutorial box.

  3. The tutorial doesn’t let you place units at this point if you accidentally skipped over the last screen. When I first played, I was reading without realizing that it wanted me to actually place defenses, and got locked into starting the battle.

  4. During the right click section in the editing tutorial, left clicking anywhere on screen will close the popup box. The tutorial will continue explaining, even though icons are now gone.

Here are a few typos that I’ve stumbled on, added to an album.

And while we’re at it, can the post-game stats show how many of a unit you deployed and how many got destroyed? I’m not sure how that would affect the balance, making things too easy, but more stats always makes me happy :smiley:
It would also be nice if you could sort the stats by the categories by clicking the labels on the top.

I signed up and was going to post exactly what you posted…

I too would love to see additional post-game stats.

Thanks for the typos, all fixed. Extra stats is something I intend to do at some point.