Some Mod Quesions

What would I type in the config file to stop getting dirt from not washing and to stop getting so stressed? Also Is there a cheat where I can start with a skill already like basic medicine? And lastly Is there a way to stop my gameskills like (bowling, golf etc) going down over time? I tried GAMESKILL_DEGRADE = 1.0

Here’s what I think you can do. This may be completely wrong…

Step 1 - BACK UP YOUR FILES BEFORE YOU EDIT THEM!!! I’ve screwed up my games a few times by not doing this…Copy the originals into a folder named “Original Data Files” or something like that. This way, if something crashes the game, you can go back to the original files and keep going.

In the social_events.csv file, there are a few activities that have “glob_dirt,,1.0” Changing to a negative value will actually clean your house. Changing the 1.0 to 0.1 will make the dirt vanish almost instantly. Some of the events also have a “Call(dirtyhome)” flag in there. I’m assuming that is a procedure in the game somewhere, and I’m not sure how to go about changing that. In the config.txt, there is a line: _GERMS_DEGRADE = 1.0 Set the 1.0 to 0.01 or something very small, and you should be able to get away from cleaning up ever again.

The stress for each job is controlled individually in the files in the Kudos 2\data\simulation\scripts\jobs directory. Also in the config.txt, there is a line _STRESS_DEGRADE = 0.52, which means that your stress goes down 48% each day. (1-0.52) Change this to a small number, and you should be less stressed out.

If you start a new game with GAMESKILL_DEGRADE=1.0, I don’t thing that your game skills will degrade. If you’ve changed it partway through a game, any skills you earned before you changed the GAMESKILL_DEGRADE value will continue to degrade at their previous rate.

Supposedly, adding the skills to the cheats.txt file will allow you to start the game with them, but I’ve never been able to get that working properly.

Hope these help…

Mr. Sambrookjm, I think you fail to understand the basic premise behind the “step” process. In effect one may state, in list form, which actions are to be performed in a sequential manner. For example:
Step 1. Write a pointless yet witty post.
Step 2. Take the eventual retaliation on the chin.

Hopefully this information will prove invaluable in the future for both you and the instructee.

Wayno, may have just invented a word

And this post would be the requisite Step 2.