Some new games forr you to try

Just added a trio of new games you might be interested in to the Positech site. These are developed by external devs.

The Wonderful End of the World.
Cool puzzle/arcade game, similar to Katamari Damacy. If that means nothing to you just try it.

Hugely popular classic old-school style RPG adventure game

Summer Session
Dating game. May well appeal to fans of Kudos.

Aneyond is a wonderful game, played it a bit ages ago, really has the feel of the older Final Fantasy games! Good to see you’re adding affiliate games from other developers, more games for the website but not to suck up they usually don’t compare to yours, that poser program can really make realistic looking models, some look like it’s a picture of a real person(albeit usually fashion models) :).

Summer Session seems really cool too!

The link to Aveyond is for the earlier version. Aveyond 2 is a bit more involved :wink:

Yeah I should add aveyond 2 really…


I bought Wonderful End of the World and Summer Session.

Summer Session is fun for about half an hour, then it becomes a matter of choosing a favorable save point, then trial and error from that save point until you get the desired result, repeating every two or three minutes or so. shrug It just feels like you’re a lab rat trying to figure out what work with which lady. It’s not my bag because it’s a rather short game by resource-management standards, although there’s a good idea in here: A dating game with resource management (time, money, and grades) having equal importance. So while I’d call this game a miss, it could be the start of something really cool.

Wonderful End of the World, though, is a hit! I’ve never played Katamari, so I can’t compare; but I have a great time with WeoW. Only one drawback: Maybe it’s just me, but I get mild motion sickness playing it.

Aveyond 2 was all right. But I like Aveyond 1 better. I did like how the first Aveyond 2 came out and then the game developer couldn’t decide or something so she kept changing the story and I got confused.