Some new policies coming soon :D

Some new policies I’m working on are the following (try and guess from the icons…)

From L-R, Top to Bottom:

Border Navy: (Stops illegal immigration for island nations like UK/Australia, otherwise similar to border wall)

Competition Law: (choose between favoring small business (self employed) or large business (Capitalists/wealthy/foreign investment)).

Desalination Plants: (Expensive way to prevent water shortages)

Packaging Tax: (Pleases environmentalists, boost environment, raises funds)

Plastics Tax: (Same as above, plus slight reduction in oil demand)

Unexplained Wealth Order: (Upsets liberals, but impacts organised crime and corruption).

Water Meters: (reduces water shortage situation, takes ages to implement, pleases environmentalists).

Feedback welcome


Good to see these, I’ll be glad to have more policy options for the self employed group. My guess on the open box tax was that it was going to be some sort of online ordering tax. I know we already have the diverted profits tax, but as I understand it, that’s a tax on estimated profits, not a point of sale tax. I remember some time back their was discussion of the French implementing a 3% sales tax on the likes of Amazon, but they backed down when Trump threatened retaliation.

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Indeed. I think the french thing is closer to the in-game diverted profits tax than an actual sales tax. Most countries are still applying sales tax for online orders through amazon (it definitely happens in the UK).

I’m thinking of a packaging tax as basically being an environmental policy move more than being focused on amazon etc, so it would apply just as much to excess packaging in food supermarkets as it would on home shopping delivery.

Hopefully these two are better now:



Really great ideas! Some quick thoughts.

Border Navy

  • Should this also impact organized crime? I’m thinking of smugglers.
  • Should be available in all nations with coasts. For example, in the USA, many come via east Asia via ship; Many from the middle east came to Europe that way, too.
  • Is “Coast Guard” maybe the more accurate term?

Competition Law

  • Wouldn’t capitalist favor a balance approach, as well?

Packaging & Plastics Tax

  • Should be negatively viewed by the poor as a regressive tax
  • Would also love to see policies restricting these items, much like how other issues have a taxation policy and a regulatory restriction. It could look like the following:


  • GDP (gently)
  • Capitalist support
  • Small Business support
  • Oil demand (for plastics)
  • Negates single use plastic dilemma occurrence
  • Cost of recycling


  • Environmentalist support
  • The environment

Unexplained Wealth Order

  • Should this also reduce Tax Evasion?
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Thanks for the feedback. I’ve asked many people about coastguard, but consensus seems to be that that evokes thoughts of rescuing ships in distress more than enforcing immigration law.

With competition law, in theory capitalists want a free market, but I’m taking the approach that the capitalists are against market interference, even if its to break up monopolies. Lots of capitalists would hold shares in big businesses etc.

Good point re smugglers… Maybe we need a situation for ‘people smuggling’ thats separate…

I’m making border navy open to every country with a coastline, so including USA which gets this AND border wall.

I like the idea of the taxes hitting the poor both financially and in terms of happiness. will add…


The thing is, the capitalist group isn’t an economic class. It’s everyone in the country who wants a free market. Potentially including the entire country.

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Maybe the capitalist group doesn’t match very well with free market libertarians, but nowadays capitalist in the game already match with other kind of capitalist that support subsidies on bussines and intelectual property.

I love all of these. My point would be to stress the importance of rebalancing for their associated crises. I don’t get water crisis in my games despite getting pollution and environmental protests in the early game. I feel like it ought to be stronger if we have even more policies fighting it - Same for organised crime.

Also, immigration is an issue in the current build but I’d love to see less punitive policies for it - Humanitarian measures stabilising developing nations, a military regime slider dictating how much your forces avoid destabilising warzones, deliberate schemes set up to expedite legal entry and employment, or alliances that spread the burden of refugee intake across neighbouring nations etc.


Good points. I cant recall right now if foreign aid reduces refugees and immigration, but it should do…
I agree that capitalists being pro-big business is a bit of a stretch, but I can imagine people saying “The govt needs to stop interfering with business”, when for example, the govt tries to break up facebook (a classic example). I don’t intend these effects to be super-strong, but I think its nice to have another policy that positively affects self employed as a voter group.

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Why not put that one on wealthy?

Where I’m seeing this going is into the fact that some of these voter blocks are too big. Some capitalists would approve of breaking up monopolies because it keeps markets competitive, while others would see it as punishing success.

Similarly, there are people who get very upset when wages don’t keep pace with food and housing costs. This game would define those people as socialist. Yet many of those same people would get upset with a government which starts nationalizing major industries. Again, the voter block is too big. I suspect this would be a deep rabbit hole however.

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i was thinking of wealthy… not sure if it should be a small effect on wealthy AND capitalists. I guess middle-income people can still own shares in facebook, for example.

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The ideological blocs should probably be decreased in how much affects them.

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