Some Newbie Questions/Comments

I put a post on this site yesterday asking how I was supposed to start a brand new character. I then figured it out when I turned my computer on and started to try again today. Apparently, you can start a brand new character if you completely exit the game first. A little odd, but it works at least. Oh, and I’m speaking about the original game, Kudos.

I have noticed though that if my character gets invited to a function, but doesn’t have enough money, that I cannot click on the Not Enough Money (or whatever it says that’s similar to that) choice, I can only click on the Decline choice and then the friendship meter goes down.

I downloaded the demo for Kudos 2 and in that game, you can click on the option of “Not Enough Money” so I am wondering if the Kudos (original) game should actually offer that too? I mean, at first I assumed it was just an option that you had planned on putting into the game, actually put the wording there, but then decided not to add a function to it. But that really doesn’t make any sense.

I paid for Kudos over the internet yesterday, Saturday December 7th. I am wondering if something might have gone wrong in the downloading process.

Oh, and I prefer the look of the characters in Kudos (original) over the new look of the characters in Kudos 2. Also, I wish you would have made it so that at least three things could be done on Saturdays and Sundays, instead of only two. It seems pretty unrealistic to me that someone would only clean house and read a book on a Saturday or Sunday, most people can do far more than that.

I did get the game for a very low price though and do feel it is definitely worth at least as much as I paid for it, so thank you! I actually found this site by following a link that is on the Reclaim Your Game website. I’m a Sims 2 player who has refused to buy another EA game until and unless they remove Securom, so I am grateful you do not include that type of drm.

Well, I hope this post gets a response. I already deleted my first but that was because I figured out that all I needed to do was exit the game entirely and then I could make a new character. :slight_smile: