Some of my top suggestions for democracy 4

Here are some of my top suggestions for democracy 4:
I have no clue which of these are already planned, This is based entirely on what democracy 3 doesn’t have.

  1. Make income more 3 dimensional, In the standard game, a very large amount of your income comes from taxes only. In real life, the government can also make money from royalties, Paid government services, and Fines. I would love to see this added into democracy 3.

  2. Make more ways to stop crime, I think things like regulated/citizen militias, State or private psychologists, Fear/oppression would be great features to really open up the crime system

  3. Allow for more forms of oppression, I think you should be allowed to systematically oppress groups, For example you can add segregation, Womens rights, Gay/LGBTQ+ rights into the game which would allow you to remove or give rights to certain groups

3.5, I also believe that freedom of speech, Expression, and religion should be able to be modified as well

  1. Wealth taxes, Add 3 types of taxes that can be added, Low-class tax, Middle-class tax, and high-class tax

  2. Propaganda, I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. I will get people on your side and agreeing with you and lowering assassinations and terror attacks

  3. Add natural disasters, Natural disasters will hurt the environment and the economy, You can have agencies that will try to remedy natural disasters after they happen and try to prepare for natural disasters. This was a popular mod for democracy 3 and it would work great in the base game

I would love to see these in democracy 4, I’m really hyped for this game and I can not wait to see it released, I’ve had so much fun in democracy 3, If this doesn’t get added itno the base game then I’ll hope some folks implement this into a mod.


I’d also like to see more nuance in some of these areas, though many of these ideas existed in the previous game in some form, or were later introduced in Democracy 3 Africa, for instance nationalised industry revenue could be gained from Satellite Road Pricing, though advancing Pollution Controls to “Major Fines” did not result in any policy income.

Community Policing is a modest policy, though it goes some way to represent the systems you suggest, this combined with the more subtle ways that good quality of life reduces crime rates does the gist of what you suggest

The game worryingly allows for many kinds of institutionalised oppression. As with the Africa expansion, Democracy 4 allows for the illegalisation of homosexuality. Fun!

Africa’s Freedom of Thought and Association policy, combined with Press Freedom would allow for de-facto censorship of ideology and opinion. Combined with Internet and General Media Censorship you’ve got yourself a 1984.

The game’s tax systems are modelled after ones that exist or have been proposed in the real world, all of which target the income groups to varying degrees

In the Africa expansion, left ending Press Freedom resulted in a big boost of happiness to the Everyone group, effectively resembling propaganda. This policy is returning for Democracy 4.

While a wide span of natural disasters have been added in mods, the vanilla game features a number of serious environmental issues we’re set to face in the next few decades including Cyclones and Water Shortages.