Some of you are very cunning :D

In playtesting the campaign, I’m playing against dozens of user-submitted challenge fleets, all the time. I thought I was doing well with my cunning ‘huge silly swarms of fighters’ strategy, that was just crushing everything, by shooting from the inside of enemy shields.
Then I just encountered someone (not sure who) who built a fleet with dedicated anti-fighter frigates in the rear line. They had lots and lots of armor (practically immune to fighters) and a bunch of anti-fighter missiles.
They ate my fighters for lunch :smiley:

What are the criteria for challenge selection in the campaign? I might design a few challenges specifically to fit it. :wink:

i think that fighters are WAY overpowered in some challenges as most ppl don’t use up their pilot limit…

the age of battleships is coming to an end indeed…


'nuff said…

It’s quite involved, and also depends on the number of people who have played won/lost and rated that challenge. There are various safeguards to ensure only good, challenging, and well-tested ones end up in the campaign.

Would the W:L ratio make the SAC challenges more or less likely to be a part of it? XD

I fully expect SAC-1 to be some sort of unconquerable nightmarish hellhole on the campaign map, a sort of Bermuda Triangle for tactical endeavors.

Here be dragons indeed.

That’s the thing with challenges, it’s way easier to beat a challenge than put up a challenge.

Fighters are by no mean overpowered. A challenge with 100% fighters can easily be dealt with by 100% anti fighter frigates.

But if I put up a challenge (say a frigate spam), if I don’t put anti fighter frigates, then fighters eat it alive. If I do put anti fighter frigate, then another frigate spam with no anti fighters will eat it alive. And if I put too much anti fighter frigates, then even an mix army starts to win.

NONO im not saying fighters are overpowered in gameplay…

i mean a lot of ppl put a 100000 creds and 1000 pilots

which amounts to 100 per pilot

then those guys use a cruiser dominant battlefleet

then I can most likely run right over them with fighter spam

at the same cost fighters will almost always beat cruisers
at the same pilot cruisers will almost always beat fighters

Sounds like they are setting themselves up to get kill.

Both fighter spam and frigate spam can wipe out a cruisers dominant fleet under those conditions.


until those ppl grow smarter, they’re gonna be lambs for the slaughter :slight_smile:

I was very annoyed the 1st time that my whole fleet was wiped out by only fighters. HUH, No Way!!! I could believe it.


but instead of using combat air support you just learnd 2 lower the pilot count