Some Old Challenges...

I have some challenges online that I would like to publicize a little…

#4967176: Raptor’s Ambush
Pilots: 10
Fleet Budget: 16,000
All ships require engines
No fighters

A small-scale skirmish in a tiny battle zone. I wouldn’t consider this a very difficult battle, though it can be rather tricky since it plays well to the Swarm’s strengths.

#5064116: Ravenous Flock
Pilots: 30
Fleet Budget: 64,000
No fighters

Not an actual challenge per se; this is one of the Swarm’s signature hard counter fleets. You can use it to test out how well your fleet does against it. As a hard counter fleet, this is very easy to beat.

#5053682: Wandelkoning
Pilots: 1
Fleet Budget: 6,000
No fighters

A 1v1 cruiser battle.

#5046903: A Murder of Crows
Pilots: 86
Fleet Budget: 20,000

Again, a relatively small skirmish in a small battle zone. This challenge has accumulated 250 attempts, of which only 9 were victorious. (These statistics includes a couple of my own attempts; not all of them have proved successful.)