Some policy ideas

I’m Ferby8 on Twitter. I took some time in between working from home to mock up some policy ideas.

Child Trust Scheme aka Baby Bonds
Young people get a share worth £800 at birth and collect at age 18 for an increased amount. Inspired by Tony Blair’s Child Trust Scheme. Helps reduce generational wealth gap and increase equality between poor and wealthy.

Facial covering ban aka Burqa Ban
France has this law where facial coverings are banned in public. Not much use in a pandemic but a policy consideration amongst Conservatives. Ethnic minorities and liberals unhappy, but Conservatives happy.

Points based immigration
Instituted in Australia and soon the UK. Could work by reducing the racial tension and poverty caused by immigration and reducing immigration in general. Upsets liberals and ethnic minorities. Obviously reduces foreign relations.

Expanded foreign relations
I think going the way of Tropico and having a relation with each ‘super power’ would be a far better system of dealing with an important issue like foreign relations. Depending on your relations with a ‘super power’, it effects things like trade and aid. Good relations with the US will likely upset China. If relations get Hostile then events may occur, and military funding begins to matter more. It should force players to take a side Each voter group has a leaning of what superpower to be friends with

National Lottery/Lottery Duty
The National Lottery created by the UK. When it’s enacted, you set a percentage of how much of the revenue you collect as tax. The remaining net income goes to funding charities. Income may depend on wealth of the population and GDP

Charity Funding
Seems an obvious solution. Govt grants/funding for charities. Helps improve charity effectiveness. Capitalist likely not that happy but socialists are.

Devolution of Power (UK only)
Grants power to each member of the union. By increasing devolution powers, the union members become more unified with the Govt. Events can trigger how unified the members are. Conservatives and Patriots favour less powers and liberals more. Less powers grants more political capital but unrest amongst member states if unity is low.

Television License Fee
Used to fund State Broadcaster if the player wishes. Unpopular with middle income but popular with socialists.

Education Agenda
How much influence the govt has over the national ciriculum. Players can choose if the education system becomes pro-govt (turning people into Patriots and less liberal) to gain more political capital or free-thinking (more liberal, but upsetting Conservatives).

Alcohol Culture
This makes alcohol abuse so much harder to deal with. Alcohol Culture is a negative effect triggered by high alcohol consumption over a long period of time (like 20 years). It contributes to alcohol abuse and results in everyone being unhappy on measures to reduce alcohol consumption (like taxation and restrictions).

Abhorrent Content Censorship
Much like how Australia restrictions what people are able to see in video games and Japan censors nudity in porn. Pleases Conservatives and Parents but upsets liberals. Reduces liberalism.


I wonder, these days, how are relations of the US with the US :smiley:

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