some problems

  1. i get a [createdevice(d3d7)] thing that crashes the game when i launch it.ive tried reinstalling the game getting new DirectX driver and reinstalling it again. No i have not tried getting new video card drivers because i have the latest and my card is a ATI Radeon 1600 something so its not an old card.
  2. how do i patch the game?

Hi, if you have just bought and downloaded the game, it does not need patching, its automatically the latest version when you download. Do you know how much video memory your card has? and is this a laptop in a widescreen resolution?

The card has 512mb of VRAM and no it is not a laptop but the screen is a widescreen screen.

The demo used to work a while ago, but i didnt bother checking if it worked again before i bought it. I just got some money and felt for playing the whole game so i bought it and i didnt work.

can you email the files in the debugdata folder to me at cliff AT positech etc. I’ll take a look.