Some questions and feedback (I'm new and I love it!)

Hi and thanks for all your help, Cliffski, for getting me here.

Love the game! I’ve played through a couple of times - an accomplished chef and an actress. Both times I was very hard-working and seemed generally happy, but I was wondering if there were any opportunities for a (much deserved!) holiday - a few weeks of pure relaxation and enjoyment would be a fabulous thing to be able to plan for and look forward to, and certainly help in the happiness, stress and tiredness categories. It could also be a good chance to score big kudos by inviting my friends along. (And if I had to go for more than 3 or 4 years without a fantastic vacation I’d get very cranky!!)

I was also wondering if there was any way of knowing what my interests are, or perhaps what line of work would be most suitable…or do these personality traits not apply to the game? (I think I figured out that the only thing that seems to effect social gatherings is my mood - no one ever spends a whole night discussing anything with me, but they sure notice if I’m unhappy!) Or are my “interests” only reflected in the skills I earn? Are these interests primarily used to determine who would most enjoy the event and have something to talk about?

Thanks, again, for many hours of enjoyment and time-suckage (I played to near exhaustion the first night!)

You are correct, your interests aren’t specified in the game at all, it’s implied that you are a wonderful person who can talk about anything with anyone!
Social gatherings are influenced by a ton of stuff, the suitability of the weather for outdoor stuff, the cleanliness of your house for stuff at your home, how well each persons interests match up, your mood, and the quality of the event, as well as peoples interests in the event.
But you are right, there is always room for so much more! I’d like to change the game (or do a sequel) that had tons of extra stuff in it, such as people you know being allergic to cats, being able to rent a better apartment, getting into debt, etc etc. There’s only one of me, and I’m doing a (kudos styled) game about becoming a musician at the moment…

Thanks for the quick reply - your client service is excellent!!

I’ll certianly look forward to the musician game, too!