Some questions.

I had already had Democracy (1) and now I bought this, I really like it but some problems I have is that the total population does not increase/decrease, that seems to me to be a major flaw.

Another problem the GDP thing, why is there a cap? I should be able to improve my GDP as high as I wish, if I do the right policies, because after 3 or 4 years I already reached the cap, even with the hardest difficulty I can normally get the GDP up to the max within a couple years. Is there any way to increase the cap? Or dare I say, eliminate the cap?

Also a suggestion, make it so there are more than two parties running for Democracy 3. Also one should be able to make their very own party with name, logo, positions, etc.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. If you are finding it too easy to achieve economic success, have a go with higher global economic volatility (see options) and higher difficulty. I am currently working on a patch for the game which adjusts a lot of balance issues and will make for a less easily-beaten simulation.
The thing about multiple parties is it opens a whole can of worms regarding alliances and coalitions. Although this is interesting stuff, designing and balancing it on top of everything else in the game could possibly make for a game that was too involved for people to get into. That’s my initial thought, but what do people think? Is the game complex right now? or would it benefit from even more stuff layered on top?

I agree, i reach the cap really soon… and i ended the game with all countries, by the way, the game is super :wink:

I really like it, as I said, but after a couple hours it just gets too repetitive, would be nice if the cap were gone…

anyway about the parties thing, just don’t include coalitions or anything like that.

Also what about population growth? It seems a little strange that when I have increasing parents membership I still have the same population, does this make sense? Shouldn’t my population be increasing? Anyway what do you say? Will you add population growth to the next Democracy game?

I think I would do. The only population issue right now is immigration, which does (although you can’t see it as a player) put a greater strain on your education and health services by raising their costs.

Meh. I understand that adding coalitions and alliances could be a bit involving, but maybe just two major parties, and three or four minor parties (like here in Australia.)

Coalitions could be interesting though, as well as having to fight your minesters, you have another parties agenda to consider…