some questions

I have some questions…

  1. How do you run the tutorial? I noticed a csv file for it, but when I initially started the game, it just jumped right into it.

  2. How do events from the events.csv file happen? I haven’t seen any of those yet.

  3. After you socialize with your friends, a screen pops up telling you how the event went. Why is it that sometimes everyone had a good time and you get kudos for it, but the event was still classified as “dreadful”?

  4. On the same screen, when you click to see what everyone thought of the event, there’s a little link icon on the upper right. Sometimes it’s two links and sometimes it’s three. What does it mean?

Thanks so much!!

I think most of these have been answered (or are beyond my knowledge to answer), but number four i can help you with. The link icon with two links indicates a direct friend. With three links it’s a friend of a friend.

the events happen very late in the game, normally when you are doing very well in a specific career.