Some Quick Questions

When you’re making a videogame primarily about politics and social issues, obviously some minor bias will transfer over. I understand Positech tries to be as objective as possible, but even academic works discussing microbiology can be subjective at times. These are just some quick questions from a beta player, and possibly suggestions. (My suggestions could involve my political bias too!)

  1. Why does gun control legislature not effect violent crime, when there have been ample statistical studies that have proven a serious link between the two?
  2. Why does drug legalization cause more crime, when there have been ample statistical studies that have proven the opposite to be the case?
  3. This is more of a bug, but when you increase private prison subsidization, it is both popular with Liberals and Conservatives, contrary to the summary.
  4. As the American President, I got rid of the almost 4 trillion dollars of debt (it’s actually 16 trillion in real life). I got a million dollar surplus, unheard of in my entire countries history (we’ve only been out of debt once, and only in 1835). And yet, the next election I lost by 10 or so percent. My question isn’t why I lost, I know why. My question is why my destruction of my nation’s debt didn’t positively impact my election results in a SIGNIFICANT way.
  5. The statistics seem entirely off for USA, actually. 65% Socialist? LOL. Unheard of. In America, socialism is considered a dirty word (unjustly so). Our liberal politicians are considered centre-left leaning in most Western European nations, typically fiscally moderate and socially liberal or a mixture thereof. You misrepresent the populace of the US, and I’d like to see Cliffski’s interpretations on the US Census numbers. (They aren’t entirely accurate, but they are the best source.)

The word socialist is disliked in the US, but there are people who support obamacare and state schooling. they may describe themselves as democracy, but in democracy 3’s language, they are lumped in as socialists. Hardly anyone in the real world describes themselves as a capitalist either :smiley:
Some of the things you mention sound like issues I need to fix in future patches…

This one:

Has been changed for the next patch, where at the lower end of spending, liberals are indeed upset, but at the very top end, their opinion becomes positive due to the possibilities of rehabilitation (regardless of whether it is state or private), and this is now reflected in the policy description.

Is it possible to “reset” all achievmentents? Which file I have to modify?

just delete
\my documents\my games\democracy 3\achievements.ini