Some random ideas

I’ve been playing this game since I got it for Christmas last year. In addition to the ideas proposed by Alex83 on Feb 29, 2008, here are some of my suggestions.

Event suggestion

  • “You may have forgotten that technically we have sovereignty of the tiny pacific island of Marbudos. Well, the good news is that we still technically do, but the bad news is that as of 9AM this morning, we no longer have effective control of the island. Separatist rebels stormed the governors building and seized control of the entire island, meeting with very little opposition. If we had a stronger military we would have a better garrison on the island and this would not have happened. There is nothing we can do now, but Patriots are outraged you let this happen.”

Can I use my military to stabilize the island? I want to be able to invade the island with my armed forces. (Success depends on funding.)

Idea for dilemma:
According to our intelligence sources, another country is threatening to attack one of our islands.
Choices (and result):
Send in our navy - escalate force/maintain force - decrease in threat by deterrence
Deploy the army - increase/decrease - may get into shooting war
Negotiate - United Nations or bilateral talks - random end
Do nothing (island is attacked, popularity goes down among patriots)

Other dilemmas:

  • Should I purchase weapon system A or weapon system B? (Jobs and politics are involved here as seen in the ongoing F-22 and tanker debate)

  • Corruption scandal involving minister, who resigns and causes a vacancy and may hurt public perception of political party

  • What sort of voting method should we use? (Ballot/voting machine/etc.)

  • Easy/normal/hard settings
    easy (few dilemmas)
    normal (dilemma every turn)
    hard (multiple dilemmas every turn)

  • Other:
    Government funding for media organizations such as public radio (liberal support, conservative oppose)
    I recommend party support be reflected in parliamentary elections similar to American congressional “midterms.” (event) If you do well, your party wins control/gains in the legislature; if you do badly, you lose badly.
    Opposition party/parties gets leadership with names.
    Can the conservative woman be made to look like Sarah Palin? And the liberal man look like Paul Krugman? And the motorist to look like the Stig?
    I have noticed that I could offend the liberals but unlike the patriots, the liberals will not attempt to assassinate me.
    Event: the national football/soccer team has won World Cup, resulting in small boost in your popularity.

Can my country form a sovereign wealth fund?

The weapons system purchase thing is a good one, but in real life a lot of this depends on constituencies. People want the weapon built in marginal constituencies (or 'swing states in the US). Unfortunately, Democracy doesn’t model things at that level. On one hand, it would be great to introduce it, because you get a whole host of additional possibilities based on the location of industries that need help etc. On the other hand, the game is more focused on general political/economic factors than local or electoral procedures, so it might dilute the focus of the game. I’m undecided :smiley:

How about adding more fiscal and monetary policy into the game? I was listening to Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe speak and was thinking if the next version or patch could allow a player to do something on inflation, interest rates being set and lending/borrowing money from other nations, etc. The game already has international trade, budget deficits and a national debt.

How about government investment/subsidies into electric cars? There is already an investment into hybrid cars, why not electric? Certainly approval from the environmentalists and motorists.