Some really useful suggestions -.-

1 - I think will be awesome if u can restrict weapons not only to a reace, but to a specific hull. That will be make the game incredibly funny cuz u will have very unique ships.
2 - I want to be able to see my enemys hull / shield / armour stats, for modders this is a bit trouble, cuz we cant test correctly the dmg of our mods -.-
3 - Custom plasma / bullets textures. This will be definitely amazing.
4 - More tactic strategies, for example to stay away from your own fleet ships (with the distance customized) , if there is a ship with a lot of power generation, it explodes and will mess up your other ships.
5 - Custom lockable modules / custom race specificy modules. I know this is hard, but will be amazing too.
6 - Make the beam lasers a REAL beam lasers (right now there is no difference between just a laser and a beam). I mean, damage over time (for example, new parameter called “beam_damageovertime” that u can put 2000 and every 2 seconds the beam makes dmg, so if u have a beam_duration of 6000 , the weapon will make dmg 3 times).
7 - The possibility to assing a music file for scenario, not for every race. Well, instead of a music file, the option to play a sound file at the beginning of the scenarios. This will be great to introduce people to the battle, and for some mods, will be a great modding addon (for example, if u make the wolf 357 battle of star trek, a borg “we are the borg bla bla bla…” sound file at the beginning will be just amazing xD.
8 - New slot type, well, type engine-slot (and the engines will only be able to fit in those slots) . So now u need tu put the engines in the right slot in the right position of the ship. This is important cuz when people mod sprites, they will add slots according with the ship sprite theme and the position of its weapons, engines and so on. Nobody likes the option to put a engine just over a part of the ship that shows a weapon -.-
9 - The possibilty to add a little comment of the ship hull u are disgned, on the hull file, like the description field of the modules but applied to a ship hull.

Well i have more that i forgot right now, i will post when i remember em. Maybe a lot of this suggestions are already in the forum, but i didnt have time to read it all -.-

If this means what I think it does, it’s already in the game. Right click on a squad of fighters as you deploy them to adjust their quantity.

I didnt know that (a lot of things changed since i had the first GSB release) but still, for example, the “mass deploy” option for fighters is useless. Mass deploy should change to 2 squads, for example in the case of fighters.

If you mean making a custom module lockable/race specific, it can be done in the txt.

Wat i mean is the non needed to modify the federation.txt file everytime u need to make locked custom turrets.

4> My ‘Evade’ command does that and better.

wat are u talking about? :wink:


This would be exclusive of escort.
Basicly, the opposite. The ship would not come within a certain distance of another ship out there.