Some recommendations for the death penalty policy

I am new so idk if this is the right place to post. but I cannot help but notice that when the death penalty is moved up to “for most crimes” it doesn’t effect regular crime. as well as and quite morbidly don’t you think that on the higher end of the death penalty slider it should have a direct and fairly large effect on the overcrowded prisons crisis? like I said I’m fairly new and could be missing something obvious but I think these changes would benefit the game and I look forward to your response

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Hahah killing all inmates should definitely decrease prison overcrowding. Please implement this.

I’m not sure it would have a large impact on general crime though. Some would argue it should deter people from committing crimes but most studies don’t show any significant link between the harshness of punishments and number of crimes committed. I don’t think the impacts of the death penalty for all crimes has been studied in particular.

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It could also lead to an event called, “prison riots”. That would be a new event!