Some remarks on the alpha

Here are some remarks (from a french player) after testing the alpha version :

Bugs :

  • I have a short black screen of 1 second each time I want to increase/decrease the sound level with my keyboard, when the W10 sound volume pop-up appears.
  • About the policy ‘empty home taxe’ : there is is an effect about socialism membership, but when you click on it, the capitalist screen appears (which seems more consistent with the policy logic)
  • About the media stunt ‘Eat breakfast in a typical café’. The character ‘é’ doesn’t render correctly (diamond with interrogation mark inside)

Suggestions :

  • I think the “States…” policies should impact socialist satisfaction as electricity becomes a public good for example
  • It would be interesting to have something like ‘Housing Voucher’ policy : it increases private housing by making people solvent, with the risk of rent inflation. That’s a solution between public and private housing. Such a policy exists in France.

After playing a few more games, I had two more things to add :

  • in my opinion, ‘Mortgage tax relief’ should have an impact on the private housing sector as it promotes real estate investment.
  • I expected ‘Internet Censorship’ to have an impact, at least partially on fakenews, but not at all. Is it voluntary?

Some good points, I will look into the tax relief and censorship policies tommorow

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