Some screens incredibly slow

Hi there,

Apologies in advance if there’s either an obvious fix for this or it’s something that’s been discussed elsewhere (I have had a look).

I recently got a new laptop (Dell Inspiron 15 5000) pretty much mostly for writing, but I do play games like Democracy and Football Manager (basically games that don’t exactly require high specs).

Anyway, I bought & downloaded Democracy 4 and some of the screens are just so incredibly slow - in particular the Policy Ideas menus. I mean, just navigating it from option to option can take so long that I just give up and quit the game. I’ve tried tweaking with the settings but nothing seems to be working. I already have Democracy 3 so I’ve just installed that on the same laptop and it plays like an absolute dream without any settings needing changed, so I am completely at a loss as to what the issue is.

Is the fact that Democracy 3 runs fine but this issue happens with Democracy 4 make it obvious what it might be!?