Some suggestions

Just bought the game; love the detail and as usual love building ships only to watch them fail miserably. Easy way to lose 2 hours of my life swapping out modules for just the right combo.

Anyway, also immediately noticed that I, as an end user, could mess with the game objects, so naturally I started doing that.

Anyway, in doing so, came up with some suggestions:

1> Bullet based point defence - probably cosmetic, but streams of bullets are cool, and even cooler when theyre blowing up missiles that are trying to kill you.
2> Area effect weapons - explodey and it’ll teach you not to put ships too close together. Nukes, bombs, exploding cannon shells… Maybe this is in there already; haven’t seen it yet anyway.
3> Weapon overheating - would be an interesting dynamic. And open the door for modules that “cool” weapons.
4> “Deployable” objects - satelites with lasers, mines, whatever. Anything that pops off of the main ship and does stuff - sit there and wait for someone to hit it, circle the ship providing point defense, whatever.

Keep up the good work! Thats it for now - later!