Some suggestions

I got the game a couple of days ago and have been having alot of fun with it, so first of all thanks alot.

One thing I’ve noticed though, perhaps I’m just doing something wrong, is that whenever I deploy a ship, it has some default orders, ie attack fighters/frigates/cruisers. Now, as an example, I have some ECM/ECCM Cruisers with point defence systems and cruiser targeting beams that are escorts to my torpedo ships that don’t have any actual weapons themselves. They sit out in front with a ton of shields taking impacts and emp blasts (it has the emp shields too), but it’s not actually supposed to engage any thing. It just sits there, handles the incoming fire by either soaking it or blowing it up and then painting enemy ships so the missiles hit.

The thing is every single time I have to delete the orders and set them up all over again and this got me to thinking: could you actually save the orders for ships on the ship design page? I did a search for similar ideas but I believe the closest thing for this would be fleet deployment that you could save, which would be interesting, itself, but I’m not sure that would work the entire time. This way, you could set up most of your orders with the ship design and then they’ll mostly be set up from the moment you drop them in. Click and drag into place and they’d already have Cautious and Vulture or whatever already to go and you wouldn’t have to spend a fair amount of time setting up the same orders over and over again for every fight.

Granted, there are a few that wouldn’t work, like Escort or Protector that need to assigned to other ships, but those could work with the fleet configuration suggestion.

Other small suggestion I had is the ability to sort the fleet hq upgrades page by the vessel type. There’ve been a few times in which I was moving too fast and unlocked some upgrade thinking it was for one ship type when it turned out to be for another.

Thanks again for a great game.

Eh? Right click the ship after you’ve given it orders and “Save Orders” is an option. After that, any time you put that ship down (even in other maps), it will default to those orders.

Not sure when that was put in but it’s definitely in the latest version.

You can also double-click a ship and it will select all ships of that type.

Click-and-drag for selecting multiple ships works as well.

I tried that but it never seemed to do anything. I’ll give it another try though.

I would love to create default orders for ships at design time. I would also like to be able to give weapons orders. For example, say I had a multi-purpose cruiser, I might like to remove “attack fighters” from plasma and torpedoes.