Some Suggestions

Here some suggestions from me where i also post on facebook.

Cruiser Weapon:
What about old style Cruiser Guns? Like them of Battleships in WW2 (pair of guns in a tower).
They have fast bullets, high rate of fire, strong against armor, but no (or low) effect on shields.

New Order for Battle:
It is especially for Fighter and Frigates.
Named it “Wait before attack”:
Give Fighters and Frigates the order and in a time (or better action like enemy Cruisers shield down) and then the F & F left there place and attack the nearest enemy.
This will be usefull to held quick F & F and let them attack the enemy without shield or nearly destroyed ships with Vulture order.
So you can with a bunch of heavy Bombers finish some cruisers off.
Or have some quick troops in the back to help out your ships like a reserve.

Online Multiplayer:
Make a expansion pack with turn based (like Civ) online campaign mode with diplomatics (instant buy for me).
You can make it like the iphone game Uniwar do it. A server where host the games, and when your turn starts,you get a email. At the start of the game, you can switch how long have a player time for making his turn.
Great system, best what i see so far for turnbased online games.

Invasion Modul for Campaign:
How do we conquer planets in the Campaign?
Nice idea from me is to build Invasionships with a new Invasionmodul that can be build in ships and presents cargospace for invasiontroops (tanks, soldiers aso…).
Like in the old Game “Ascendancy”, where you need them to conquer planets. Would be nice if you need them to overtake planets and thet you need some luck (if you more invasionmoduls, as better is your chance to take over the planet). Also it depends on the among of people on the planet and it defences on it. So you can hold a planet with a enemy fleet in the orbit and have the chance to rescue the planet with another fleet.
Would also be nice if every race have a weapons plattform for the planetary orbit like the Empire, where you need no engine. Like a orbital defence system!

Real Cloak device:
Make a real cloak device for frigates, with that you can cloak a frigate like a Klingon “Bird of Prey” in Star Trek.
The ship cloak at the beginning of the battle and decloak when it attacks.
It decloak when it arrive the attackrange to the enemy ship (f.e. attack cruiser: 300) and fire all it weapons at the enemy. Then you can add a order to that ship: cloak after xxx seconds (f.e. 1000-5000 like the weapons rate of fire) and the ship will cloak again. Or when the enemy ship is destroyed.
The frigate could be handle like a Submarine that sneak to a enemy ship.
As countermeasure could be a modul for frigates like a “sonar”, to ping enemy cloaked ships.
This would make frigates more usefull.

What do you think about my suggestions?

Sorry for my english, it is not my foreign language. :wink:


I quite like the idea of changing the camoflage so it will decloak when it gets in range of a target
Might make it a more viable option

The first one is already implemented with the tribe weapons, they aren’t that great against armor though, they are still pieces of metal instead of flashy beams.