Some suggestions

First off, Hi all :smiley:

I had played the game, not the Positech version unitl today, so not completely new to it.

Anyway, 2 suggestions for now.

1st - I’m a Male yet how come the guys don’t have an attractiveness ??
I’m sure the girls might like it :open_mouth:

2nd - When asking someout and if they haven’t got the money there is the option of paying for them, but when being asked out and if YOU haven’t got the money all there is Reject. The Not enough money button is dimmed/greyed out and can’t be used. Or do I need an update ??

More questions, and trivia 8) , to follow …

they should occasionally offer to pay for you, if you have paid for them in the past, but it’s rare.
The men won’t be attractive for you if you are male, unless you tick the ‘same sex relationships’ option under the options menu.