Some things before buying and downloading the game.

Hi, I was just about to buy the game after played around with the demo and even if it’s alot more advanced I got some nice flashbacks back in the days when I played Joe (if I remember the title correctly) and was struggeling at the hamburger place and studying so I could get a work at the factory :slight_smile:

But then I realised that I didn’t get very much information before hitting the pay button about how much “freedom” I have with downloading again or moving the game to another computer (or maybe I just missed it).

The reason I’m asking is because I’m not at home now but at work (don’t judge me, I only play games during breaks and the computer is more or less mine so I’m allowed to install whatever I want on it :wink:) but still I wan’t to download the game here if I buy it now. But then, what happens when I arrive at home. Am I allowed to bring the copy with me home and also play the game there and maybe even install it on my travel laptop as well?

I’m both asking if I’m allowed and if it’s possible.
Allowed because I have seen alot of shitty licenses to games and applications and even if I thing it’s shit that I can’t do whatever I want with software I buy (as long as it is legal) I still respect the licenses and will of the developers (I’m working in the software industry myself).

And possible because I have also seen alot of activation and binding one copy to one computer stuff lately so that you have to buy a copy for every computer you are using and it’s a pain to transfer a copy to a new computer even if the first one explodes.

I guess it’s not a showstopper for me anyway but I just want to clear those things out before I buy it so I know if I should wait until tonight when I arrive at home to buy/download or if I can enjoy the game during my breaks today.

Keep up the good work, I very much enjoy to see that some people still tries to do something different.

Hi our licence is in our readme file. here it is:

“the user is granted a licence by us to run this software, enjoy it, and even show it to friends. You don’t have the freedom to make copies for other people. The software is copyright 2005 positech computing. its an original work, we made it, don’t steal it.
You can freely copy the DEMO version for your friends. If you want to back it up onto CD for your own use, thats fine, even use it on 2 machines if you have 2 machines,
but don’t rip us off ok? We aren’t Sony or EA, we need the money. We don’t put any annoying copy protection junk on our software, so return the favour and if you like it, please buy it. My cat needs food. you don’t want my cat to starve right?”

I should add that I have a new kitten now, and he needs food too.

Ok, I take that as I can download it here and bring it home. Ofcourse I don’t copy it to others, and no reason to because the games is so cheap anyway :slight_smile:

You should have one more sold copy in just a few minutes, and I’m also gonna look in to Democracy which seems intresting as well. To bad I haven’t found your company sooner :slight_smile:.

So there we go, buyed, paid, downloaded and also downloaded all the mods :slight_smile:

Ten minutes until next break, then it’s time for some social experiments :slight_smile:

My cat needs food. you don’t want my cat to starve right?"

I should add that I have a new kitten now, and he needs food too.

I’ve never owned a cat in real life. But if this game has taught me anything its that owning a cat is expensive, and obtaining cat food is definately someting I can empathize with now :slight_smile:

Just bought the game a few days ago. Its very enjoyable, thank you.