Some trivial bugs I noticed

Here’s a couple of trivial issues I found, thought I might as well report them anyway.

  1. After finishing the demo, I uninstalled it and purchased the full game but when I started the full game there were no available saves to continue with my demo character. Admittedly I didn’t do any manual saves during the demo but perhaps the demo could autosave when it ends so that you can continue your character in the full game (as the last screen of the demo implies is possible) or maybe uninstalling the demo removed the save in which case perhaps it should ask whether you want to keep saves.
  2. At one point I received an invitation to a Chinese restaurant first thing on a weekend day, clicked accept, visited the restaurant, then after returning home the invitation was still open and clicking accept sent me to the same restaurant a second time.
  3. Typo: “You feel clam and relaxed as you wander through the park.”
  4. When you have a birthday the screen mentions how your friends would describe you, even if you don’t currently have any friends.
  5. My first £6000 waiter job paid me £11 + £4 tips a day, when I moved to a £9000 cashier job, I was still only getting paid £11 a day.
  6. There’s a job called SalesPerson (missing a space).
  7. There’s a junior Java programmer job that requires the VB skill and not the Java skill.