some trophy hints?

Okay, what exactly does that mean?

Because getting equality above max (so far that it even goes beyond the screen) definitely does not grant it.

Crime-free Utopia - pretty obvious. I find that this one is the easiest to achieve, though it can actually be fairly difficult depending on the nation selected (in which case dilemmas are the key point to achieving it).
Powerhouse economy - less obvious, a bit harder, but certainly possible.
Technological leaders - expensive, but it gives you lots of money back, so easily worth it, although it might take some time to achieve, what with balancing all the other voters…

but I have never been able to get an egalitarian society. With the economy, it’s easy, there’s a measure and as you come closer, you can read it in the quarterly text. The crime-free utopia, again, there are two bars that must obviously be reduced to nought. Technology, there are policies directed at this!

But there’s no way of telling if equality is being reached or not, as I said earlier, the equality bar doesn’t tell you anything, so what does?

And environmental paradise… I’ve created a society with no cars, full air quality and a massive lifespan, and that’s not environmental?

Popular leader - if getting 100% of the votes doesn’t mean you’re a popular leader, I have no idea what does.

Perfect society - yes, I know, get max green in all. Pretty damn hard and I don’t need help on this one.

But please please! I need some hints for the three others I haven’t achieved yet!

for egalitarian you need equality >= 0.95 and poverty < 0.05
holy cow I just saw a bug in the green one… ill fix it!!

I’ve managed to eliminate poverty too though.

Hmm, I’ll have to try again I guess :smiley:

This patch should fix the green one

Hi there,

I had maximum on equality, had combat poverty to the extent that there is NO poor people in my country. I had implemented every anti-poverty policies I know, yet there is STILL a very low level of poverty existing. You mentioned >=0.95 of equality and <0.05 for poverty to get the egalitarian cup, is there any other requirements?

Those are the only requirements. It could be you need to squeeze those policies a bit more, or give them more time to take effect, and make sure you dont have any sneaky policies or dilemma decisions that may actually be creating some poverty. Sounds like you are just over the 5% mark.

How do you install that patch? I just get a ‘cannot locate texture’ error?

if you have errors, your version is likely too old, email me at cliff AT with your address or orfder number and Ill send you a full version.

Still doesn’t seem to be enough to get that trophy…

Damn… found it… its a bug. all my fault. I’ll fix it now. On the plus side, this new version will allow your mouse to go outside the window in windowed mode too :smiley:

Thank you very much. Looking forward to the new version. :slight_smile:

ok try this:

Old save games will be fine with it. that should work correctly with that achievement, and it should also use the windows mouse cursor when in windowed mode. Let me know if it screws up.

Could we still have a hint on popular leader and perfect society (I mean, it must be impossible to really have a “perfect” society)…

I do recall getting 100% of all votes.

But I wasn’t a popular leader :frowning:

Perfect society, I believe, is actually mentioned quite neatly in the manual “almost impossible, everything needs to be at its very best.”

That of course, begs the question “high car usage = good or bad? no car usage = good or bad?” and probably a few more.

as i recall popular leader is more a case of satisfying a lot of the other achievements, but at the same time.
hey, its good to have something to strive for :smiley:

Didn’t answer my car usage question :wink:

(some people will argue high car usage = more freedom of movement.)
(some people will argue low car usage = more freedom of movement.)

go figure… :stuck_out_tongue:

I got the powerhouse economy achievement, only problem is I got assassinated on the same day. So technically it didn’t count.


I had most trophies without difficulty (at average difficulty level)

Can’t have popular leader or perfect society, however.

I never saw to have time to get the trophies. Nearly every single time the religious people have either killed me or my cabinet.

I suppose that’s the price I have to pay for being a ferocious atheist in my policies, oh well I shall eradicate it eventually hopefully get a trophy for it to.

As said, however, my games were pretty much all so far in “average” difficulty

I’m starting now to play harder levels.