Some UI suggestions

Hi guys,

I’m new to the forums and recently got the game off Steam and loving my experience so far. Just wanted to offer some suggestions in improving the UI as I’ve found performing some tasks can get a little to repetitive. Apologies in advance if these have been already suggested and/or suggested.

First, I’ve found that mousing over the tool tip of a smaller ship wedged between two other larger ships can get a little difficult on the deployment screen:

Here we can see that I’ve been having trouble trying to see the tool tip for the smaller cruiser as sometimes I need to know the exact type and version of a ship.

Next is changing the way we select orders already been assigned, as I find clicking each individual order to adjust it (unless I missed something) and so forth can get a little bit repetitive:

Instead there would be red arrows (just placement art) on each order assigned so the user is able to jump between the orders with relative ease but I know this can be harder to design and code when coming to saving/deleting orders as well as assigning orders that are incompatible with each other. You could add a [Previous], [Next] button but I think with the real estate given it would be harder to implement without alternating each button for each specific order.

The next is just a minor issue during combat for the specific scenario ‘Gravity Well’ and the side bar displaying each ships health status. We can see below that the red background does clash with the status of the ship, making it hard to see what the current status of each ship is, especially when it is damaged. This could be just my brightness settings though.

Finally, just some extra feedback to the user during battle with the box showing the overall percentage of the fleet left in battle:

By adding this, we are able to see the amount of cruisers, frigates and fighters (depending if they are deployed) are left in battle compared to the overall that were deployed. This is especially helpful when people like to deploy dozens (if not hundreds) of ships and trying to keep track how many they’ve lost is much harder when relying on the one percentage for the overall fleet. This would also probably mean slightly adjusting font sizes and so on.

Anyway, just wanted to put a few things out there and again, I am loving this game :slight_smile:

The last suggestion would be really really useful. It’s annoying not knowing exactly how many fighters you have left. Counting the ones moving on screen is hard.

thats easy… just remember how many fighters you fielded and then start counting the wrecks… those arent moving :smiley:

Um Can we get the Old style after batle screen back the one that showed you the ships how many were killed vrs how many were damaged. I liked looking at that over the pie chart crap. I really do not like that result. As i rather see what was damaged, undamaged, or dystroyed.

i do find it useful actually…
i`d prefer if we could have both in tabs,or pick in options
ship damage/kill readout is nice but i do use the pie chart as a key statistic in measuring deflection % etc so i dont want to lose that either

What about combining them both as one??
I think that should be able to work, OR make changed to the other to incorperate the new pie chart ones stats.

how about an option to switch between the two? the data is presumabely still there, so it would just take a link and two red arrows

Ohhhh I like that, please put it in Cliffski, unless it will take too much time away from the campaign mode.

My main beef with the new system is that I can’t find out which ships survived the battle or were destroyed, particually annoying since for me, that’s the most useful feature a post battle screen can have!

Thats the same with me also. I used to old system to help test out differant setups and also help me to ballance out my fighter mods. I’m almost tempted to install another copy and use it to de my modding in.